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VivoBarefoot Tracker Decon FG2 Women's Shoes

VivoBarefoot Tracker Decon FG2 Women's Shoes



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Lightweight leather barefoot hiking shoes

The Tracker Decon Firm Ground 2 is a lightweight hiking boot with improved traction on various terrains and extra flexibility.

Vivobarefoot is based on a simple principle – barefoot shoes are rejuvenating human beings
for health. Talking, researching, getting interested and delving into the shoe business, the founders of the brand
came to the conclusion that the most unusual technology ever incorporated into a shoe is itself
human foot. That's how the brand moved closer to the realization - it frees the feet for free movement, as it were
intended by mother nature.

VivoBarefoot Tracker Decon FG2 Women's Shoes : Additional information

  • Extra flexibility.
  • Thermosol has built-in temperature regulation technology that absorbs, stores and releases heat. This smart thermal layer responds to your feet's naturally changing temperatures, keeping them warm or cool.
  • The Pro5 Puncture Resistant finish is a light and flexible 0.8mm layer on the sole.

  • Material - 100% leather.
  • Hem - 54% RPET, 30% wool, 16% elastane.
  • First layer of lining - 100% leather; second lining layer - 70% polyester, 30% wool.
  • Sole - 55% synthetic rubber, 20% natural rubber, 25% additives.
  • Removable thermal insole - 100% organic cotton.

  • Clean with lukewarm water and a soft brush
  • Do not dry on heat sources (radiators)
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight
  • After washing, apply a water-repellent coating such as Toko Textile proof.
  • 2 year warranty
  • 14 day returns
  • Free Delivery from 50 EUR
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