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Gas burner Primus Mimer Stove

Gas burner Primus Mimer Stove

Burner for gas cylinders

Since its creation in 1980, the Mimer gas burner, which has become a classic, has taken a solid position in the equipment top of hiking enthusiasts and travelers. Created for those who need to prepare food in any conditions. With the flame strength regulator, it is possible to quickly boil water for morning coffee, as well as to slowly stew dinner without burning it.

Connects quickly and easily to both threaded and non-threaded cylinders, making it a versatile torch for worldwide travel.

4-point pot supports provide excellent stability and wind resistance while holding pots of various sizes.

A large flame capable of heating even wider pots.

Gas burner Primus Mimer Stove : Additional information

  • Height: 12.5 cm Diameter: 8.2 cm Weight: 195 g
  • Power: 2800 W
  • Water boiling time: 3.5 min (1 liter)
  • Gas consumption: 200 g/h
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Gas cylinder not included

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