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Sea to Summit Venture II Women's Sleeping Bag

Sea to Summit Venture II Women's Sleeping Bag



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Women's sleeping bag for winter

The shape of the Venture Series sleeping bags and temperatures indicators are carefully designed and certified according to EN 13537 standard according to women's needs .

Sea to Summit women's sleeping bags have tapered shoulders, wider hips , and additional insulation in the foot part (because women give off heat through their extremities faster than men).

Thanks to the high-quality Thermolite insulation , the sleeping bags of this series are softer and lasts longer (compared to ordinary synthetic insulation) . Thermolite fibers are created with a unique 3D corrugation and a mixture of different fibers - fibers with an empty middle help to reduce weight without losing warmth, while full microfibers maintain strength and softness. Combined with Wave Loft's zig-zag insulation chamber construction, these sleeping bags provide an excellent weight-to-warmth ratio.

The sleeping bag has three zippers , which allows you to adapt it to any situation and season.

  1. The zippered foot part allows you to use it as a warm poncho when you want to sit with a cup of tea and watch the sunset without taking off your shoes.
  2. Full length zipper on the left side. When opened together with the leg zipper, the sleeping bag can be used as a blanket in warmer weather
  3. A half-zip on the right side allows you to fold it up when it's too warm or when you only need to stick your hands out of the sleeping bag.

For sleeping in winter conditions, when the ground is frozen or there is a possibility of frost, the manufacturer recommends using it together with a heat-insulating mat with an R value of at least 3.5.

    Sea to Summit Venture II Women's Sleeping Bag : Additional information

    • Comfort temperature EN: -5°C
    • Lowest comfort temperature EN: -12°C
    • Weight: Regular: 1380g | Long: 1550g
    • Packed volume: Regular: 8.9 L | Long: 11.5 L
    • User's max height: Regular: 170 cm | Long 183 cm
    • Seasons: 2.5 seasons
    • Max circumference: Regular 148 cm | Long 152 cm
    • Min circumference: Regular 118 cm | Long 122 cm
    • Certified according to EN 13537 standard

    • 2 year warranty
    • 14 day returns
    • Free Delivery from 50 EUR
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